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How Has Your View of the World Changed Given the Pandemic?

As if the current pandemic isn’t challenging enough, it is important to remember that most people usually change their preferred communication style when they are experiencing stressful conditions. Leaders can help their team members thrive during uncertainty by focusing on what matters most to them. Each communication style serves as a valuable perspective.

Supporting/Giving Has to feel they are working on the best, most relevant project. Influences opposition through statements of principle and fairness. Makes allowances for people and defends their rights. Willing to assume responsibility and try harder. Willing to extend self to do what is right and fair by others.
Controlling/Taking Confronts disagreements and stimulates people to clear the air. Expresses a sense of urgency for self and others to act now. Probes and presses to get at hidden resistance. Protects own rights and interests from exploitation. Quick to respond to emergencies and recommend solutions.

Conserving/Holding Outlines the trade-offs of their position and the options for others. Prefers to wait until cool heads prevail before restating and advancing position. Responds objectively and calmly to objections posed by others. Sets priorities and functions in a systematic and level-headed manner Thoroughly studies people’s needs and examines the situation.
Adapting/Dealing Eager to try many solutions to reduce stress. Optimistic and enthusiastic about outcomes of conflict. Ready to change and adapt to new ideas and ways. Sensitive to and aware of others’ feelings and what will please them. Strives to keep tension low through humor and smoothing over disagreement.

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